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‘Cutting the Throat of Whiteness’: The Suffering of White South Africans May Redeem the West

By Colin Liddell | 7 March 2018

OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice.”

These are the words of Julius Malema, the head off South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party/gang. To use a contemporary cultural reference point, Malema is essentially the Killmonger to Nelson Mandela’s T’challa, a more nuanced take on Black power, but both of which have proved symbiotic.

The words in the quote came in a speech supporting a new bill that was overwhelmingly passed  by the South African Parliament by 241 votes to 83 that makes it now legal for the South African government to seize land and other property without compensation.

The bill was brought before parliament by Malema, who also said, “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land” 400 years ago. And even more ominously: “We are cutting the throat of Whiteness.” […]

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