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The Red Queen’s Attack on Syria Revealed Things

IMAGE: via Bandcamp

Alex Jones lost it over the gutless wonder Syrian lies and attack. I would guess that the purpose behind all this is to get the former Trump cognoscenti into a state of hopelessness and despair. It also seems like part of the planned Trojan Horse take down of Red Queen Trump. Yes, must admit that it has good entertainment value. Later in Jones’ show, particularly when Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik came on, there was usually frank conversation about the role of the 800-pound gorilla, Israel, in this whole tawdry affair.

The reaction to Trumpenstein and his friends’ warmongering looks like a chance for a generalized purge of higher-profile MAGA suckers. I suspect a less-than-subtle attempt to build the conspiracy theorist as terrorist canard.

Speaking of gutless wonders, certain members of the “Alt-Right” have had their Jesus moments. Richard Spencer linked Israel and front man Jared Kushner to the Trump troubles. Now, after avoiding the 800-pound gorilla through thick and thin, this MAGA-tard is also being labeled as an anti-Semite. Should anybody even care about this neuro-linguistic programming implant anymore? Welcome to the PT Barnum you-lose-with-Jews circus, Richard.

The Trump-tards now find themselves strapped to a chair in a basement with a ball in their mouths. They wear a black leather suit and live in a box in the basement.

The Zio lugenpresse Sky “News” demonstrates its operation during an interview with retired Major-Gen. Jonathan Shaw, formerly one of the British Army’s most senior officers. Watch what happened when the General veered off script.

A target of the #gutlesswonders: a scientific research center in Damascus. Nice touch even for psychopaths. Second photo shows after their work was done.

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