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The New Nationalist is focused on the following core issues: the misuse of U.S. and NATO troops in foreign military interventions, the lopsided Israel First agenda in the U.S. and U.K. in particular and the excessive influence of the extremist Likudnik Jewish lobby and their controlled media. Additionally, we draw attention to the problems of western intelligence misconduct and covert action, domestic government repression, police state surveillance, violations of civil liberties, repression of free speech, the ills of cultural Marxism and promotion of cultural and social degeneracy.

We seek to not only defend historic European culture and identity but to avidly promote it. We seek to allow other people to live in peace in their homelands undisturbed by Zionist aggression and criminality. We strongly opposed the attacks on Libya and Syria, both which have opened the floodgates of weaponized migration.

Our approach to government is straightforward: Put it into the hands of outstanding personalities instead of non-entities and criminal hacks. The latter will be called out on these pages at every opportunity. If the Jews and Shabbos Goy in power were outstanding and the countries were doing well, you would have no quarrel from us: but that is not the reality. Their lopsided and negative influence needs to be replaced for poor performance and fraudulent agendas. It’s analogous to firing losing football coaches. Those who sound the alarm about powerful people opposing you and your right to defend your interests are often called reformers and progressives. Yet, if we told you who those powerful people are, many would call us “Nazis.” That said, there will be no Shoah talk on this site. That is not the intention or the purpose of New Nationalism.

tumblr_mt0mdumW261sd857do1_1280Outstanding personalities (which we will praise) come from the heart and soul of the people, not kleptocratic elites. If some form of Democracy is to work (debatable), there must be a total reform and removal of money from politics, an end to the revolving door and legislative term limits. There’s also a serious issue of voting and election fraud in the current faux Democratic system, especially when it comes to nationalist issues.

The answer isn’t to take the other side in the dialetic or binary choices they’ve provided for us, but to rescue those principles from those who have hijacked them.

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