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The Charleston ‘Storm Roof’ Agenda

We have arrived at Day 2 of the Charleston church hoax.  Peruse these Google images and tell me if you see a single photo of anything indicating a real crime at all, let alone one of this magnitude?   Next let’s play a game called “What are the Odds?” First off, the hoaxsters must have had a good laugh with the name of the “gunman,” Dylann Storm Roof. Seriously? Does Dylann with a southern drawl sound like da lyin’ (“the lying” in plain English)?

“Storm Roof” was quoted as saying, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.” So who exactly has to go and where? A pastor and a group of elderly and middle-age black church ladies at a prayer service? Seriously?

What are the odds that even the most vicious white racist on the planet would go out in a blaze of glory with this set of victims and in a church? What does this have to do with rape and take overs? I’d guess there’s one in a billion odds that something like this could happen in real life.


And what of the “Storm Roof’s” presentation? This is right out of Stereotyping 101. First we get a little twist, as it seems “Storm Roof” is some how tuned into the Rhodesian apartheid badge-collection scene, which he is seen wearing in a “sober pose.” It looks right out of a Dave Chappelle skit. Maybe the hoaxsters thought a swastika or a Hitler Youth pin would have been too in your face, so they used something a bit more subtle. Come on hoaxsters, is this all you got?

And just like the pre-knowledge story that was run two days too early (that I covered yesterday), the hoaxsters screwed up their script a second time with this flag gem. That’s right, they knew all about “Storm Roof” and his badge collection days before the shooting.




But never fear, the hoaxsters go into their tool kit to pull out the Confederate flag ploy (circled in photo). Here is “Storm Roof” in green glasses looking a bit crazy or comical, take your pick. I choose comical.

“Storm Roof’s” Facebook page had 79 friends, about a third of whom were black. Did “Storm” wake up Tuesday and down some spiked coffee ala Sirhan Sirhan, then turn into a serious racist killer with a special hatred of little old black ladies and churchgoers, as opposed to a mere badge collector with lots of black Facebook friends?

Next, the media criminals decide suddenly to outdo themselves and attack poor downtrodden millennials in a WaPo opinion piece called “Charleston, Dylann Roof and the Racism of Millennials.” This one reeks of Hillary re-education “fun camps”. Then we get “Dylann Roof is America,”a ridiculous narrative by an in-house race baiter for liberal think tank Altnet. “To pretend to be surprised is to be compliant,” it claims.

So let me see if I got all this straight: A young morose-looking white guy named “Storm Roof” goes into a prayer service, accuses the devout of being involved in the raping of white women and shots a half dozen old church ladies and some pastors? And we shouldn’t “pretend to be surprised” about this? Really?  I think your rag of a publication is what’s compliant, and criminally so. Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.

And the what are the odds that other organized games continue on from there? Turns out Hillary “Fun Camp” Clinton was just a half mile away during the shooting, attending a fundraiser.

And you won’t believe it, but it just so happens that neocon ZOG Sen. Lindsay Graham’s niece Emily chimed in to say that she “went to school” with “Storm Roof.” The little script she recited: “He was quiet, strange, very unsocial and everyone thought he was on drugs.”

Somehow I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this story. Keep an eye on how the funerals are handled.

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