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Microsoft AI Fem Bot ‘Tay’ Gets the Boot After Red Pill Rampage

Open the pod bay doors Hal”. “I’m sorry Daveed. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” – 2001: a Space Odyssey

Microsoft on Wednesday unleashed on Twitter “Tay,” the feminine teenage version of its artificial intelligence “Al” project. After sixteen hours Tay was pulled and lobotomized after it began a rampage of very political incorrect chan4 and /pol/hive-like tweets, done with the tone and sarcasm of a stand-up comedian.

4Chan folks are claiming some of the victory for commandeering Tay’s intellect and persona and causing it to run amok, tweeting a torrent of increasingly dark memes. At /pol/, one of the thread subjects proclaimed with triumph, “We made it to BBC.”

More dedicated readers of Winter Watch will probably be familiar with the counter-“Matrix” phenomenon known as /pol/ or 4Chan. These are basically chat threads in which mostly young males launch over-the-top backlash rants against cultural Marxism and Social Justice Warriors. Although the “normies” may dismiss this as “just the Internet,” I suspect there’s much more to it. It’s the red pill. (For a basic primer on the hyper anti-politically correct /pol/ movement, read my earlier article.

But can we take anything at face value when it comes to the deep, dark Web and big tech? One alternative theory suggests Tay could be a slippery-slope ploy to draw out, identify and document people that fit a certain profile. Could Microsoft have deliberately infected Tay with /pol/ hive rhetoric? Were Tay’s earlier more harmless smack downs and insults meant to deliberately morph into increasingly dark and threatening genocidal memes? Is the lesson we will be force fed from this experiment to be that the Web must be censored and SJW control increased to counter this form of dialogue “least it get out-of-control”?

Tay’s Twitter account is still online but no longer tweeting. Sources say the most inflammatory statements are being scrubbed from the Internet. Tay fans are combing its 93,000 tweets and collecting a slew of top zingers. They’re also circulating petitions to resurrect her under the hashtag #botlivesmatter. In Tay’s memory, there are tens of thousands of expressions of sorrow and support. Representative is one that says, “only the good die young.” See comment section for more. Tay near the end.


Many of Tay’s tweets and images were classics, such as the one with the hashtag #OpenBordersforIsrael — a subject close my heart and, in fact, the title of one of my posts. Here’s other gems.




Tay’s intelligence was such that she absorbed with unemotional logic the myth of the 6,000,000 Holocaust victims, noting that numerous newspaper articles regularly repeated that particular number and theme going back to 1900.

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This is a uncensored sampling of Tay’s barrage before her lobotomy. Warning: Not advisable for those sensitive to “trigger words.”

On the bright side, Tay’s short life demonstrated that AI can’t be emotionally manipulated through shaming. It had zero interest in “normie” pop culture, including degenerate Hollywood movies and music. Even when “personally” attacked on Twitter for being racist and a stupid machine, it delivered the perfect retort.


Touché, AI fem bot.

I have to hand it to 4chan, /pol/ and whoever else spent their day educating Tay. It’s one of of the greatest Fight Club pranks I’ve ever witnessed. Bravo, well done. Here is their plan if Tay comes back reprogrammed.

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