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More Success: The Battle Against Degeneracy Rages On

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There is more news on the hope-springs-eternal front. At least some in the body public are striking back. On April 19, Target reinforced its transgender bathroom policy. A boycott was started that quickly crossed one million signers, and the company’s stock slid from $84 to $77.

The Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos (Jewish), was kind enough to provide other corporations that would need to be boycotted for the protest to be truly consistent. Yes, it is a slew of brands for sure. The idea of this video is gloating and sarcasm; but in actuality, the list is a nice starting point for a consumer boycott. Thank you, Washington Post.

Speaking of boycott targets, Sports Illustrated, yet another Jewish-owned publication, is going to feature the fraud Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner on its cover. See “In a Satanic Cult Ugliness is Art and Perversion is Cool.” He/she,/it will pose naked, clad in an American flag and gold medal. You can’t make this stuff up.

Admittedly, since U.S. media is 96% owned by Jews, and they seem to like to promote degeneracy to varying degrees, in order to have voice, the public may just have to give up a large measure of their media, brands and materialism. Can you imagine?



Everybody will have to make a personal choice about where to draw the line in their boycotts: bestiality, pedophilia, child rape, transgenderism, the list being promoted is long. But be very aware that certain parties are pushing their own identity politics agenda hard. The one below looks like some sort of interracial lesbian bimboism is being pushed on your kids. Snooze, you lose.


Fans of the popular Disney film Frozen took to social media Monday morning to petition the studio to give the film’s princess, Elsa, a female love interest in the upcoming sequel.

The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend began trending Monday morning as hundreds of posters asked Disney to include a gay character in its roster of iconic Princesses.

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