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A Convenient Brexit Stick Save: The Assassination of Jo Cox

The assassination of Labor MP Jo Cox sure is impeccable timing. Just when it looked like the Brexit was going to happen, some “nut job” came in and did something crazy while shouting “Britain First” to turn just enough sheeple away from the referendum that it doesn’t pass. Will this one all-too-convenient crazy person be responsible for the biggest stick save in recent history? Good thing he picked just the right moment to completely destroy the very cause in which he professed to believe. I’m sure this is a complete coincidence though. The Southern Poverty Law Center per the usual script has the background and particulars on this “lone wolf.”

As usual, the whole bizarre story doesn’t add up. The gunman, one Thomas Mair, described as both 46 and 52 “has a history of mental illness.” Cox was both shot and stabbed in a country that is supposed to be gun-free. Naturally, Mair is also being cast as a “right wing nationalist.” Sounds like one possible agenda is Orwellian pre-crime detention — otherwise known as putting extremists away for “outlandish views” before they can “act out.” Naturally, given Ms. Cox’s passing, the other possible agenda is to bring in hundreds of thousands of additional migrants into Britain in an overwhelming flood. Will UK voters see the logic in “remain” now?

New Nationalist’s best guess is that Mr. Mair is MK-Ultra. If one looked into the background of Jo Cox, she probably was in some way problematic for the Crime Syndicate. Indeed, it took this author about five seconds to find the connection [see “Labour Friend of Palestine Jo Cox Slain“]. Cox had only been elected in 2015. As an MP, she was involved with Labour Friends of Palestine and wrote part of a 2015 report by the group, urging a lifting of the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Conveniently, she was also pro-Remain — what a coincidence — and points to a pawn sacrifice.

This should now set the stage for ballot-box fraud in another close election. I can guarantee now that voting tampering will be in the news cycle next week when the Brexit goes down.

Labor Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME) initiated and organised last year’s debate in Parliament calling for the UK government to recognize Palestine, a call won by 274 votes to 12. Labour MP Jo Cox appears in center of group photo. PHOTO:
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