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Oddities, Stagecraft in the Orlando Pulse Shooting

Image via ABC 11 News

Walk around any city street or most establishments in the world and you will see CCTV surveillance cameras everywhere. Try looking sometime. But in the world of false flags and hoaxes, apparently surveillance cameras simply don’t exist. And if we get anything, it will be a still shot taken from CCTV. In those rare instances when rolling CCTV cameras are presented, the critical footage is stopped or edited out. Why is that exactly? The Orlando Pulse “shooting” is no exception. This and the “1963 Dealey Plaza” film quality is one of my main tells for calling out hoaxes.

A look at Google images 48 hours after the event reveals little new from yesterday. From the 320 people allegedly at Pulse that night, we have seen only two grainy dark videos. This is even worse than in Paris, which you can review in archives.

The new one below is also very surreal, as one “Amanda” is shown not reacting to the unusual sounds in the background. Much like in the Bataclan shooting, the camera is turned off right at the crucial moment. All these videos come with a “disturbing” warning.

There are a few videos taken outside, but you would expect more. Here is one on YouTube. Once again (like in Paris or Brussels), little detail comes through. Focus in particular on the clip starting at 0:25. I think this is stagecraft. Can you see casualties? Not really. The film is blurry, grainy and a fraud. It is not up to the standard of even older-generation cell-phone cameras. The second video is a night test on the older generation 2012 iPhone 4s and Galaxy s3 cameras. Of course, subsequent models that most people use are even higher quality.

CaptureWe are also seeing a slew of strange stories and accounts, such as the “accomplice theory” and that the shooter had a gay dating app on his cell phone. These are mostly drama-queen distractions to take your eye off the ball. Where’s the real evidence of 103 casualties at the Pulse?

Yet another blurred photo- What kind of AR-15 wounds are these?


Actors walk by camera and in the direction of the Pulse. Once they think their little act is over, they drop “injured” off and engage in a little gay dance and high fiving. Where are the ambulances and the aid workers, 200 meters down the street? Is there a “magnificent tent” down there?

You will next be distracted by the emotional narrative. This will be centered around the victimization stance and gender fluidity. This method needs to be understood.

The following is a news chopper fly-over photo as the siege played out. There was said to be 320 people in Pulse nightclub at the time of incident, which included 30 hostages, 50 dead and 53 wounded. So where are all of their vehicles? Wouldn’t you expect to see a full parking lot with that sort of club crowd?

The infamous Zio psy-op Rita Katz of SITE is at it again linking the alleged shooter, Omar Mateen, via various social media. According to SITE, “ISIS claims responsibility.” A “Muslim homophobic” motivation is thrown in for good measure. Mateen worked for a large security company G4S, yet he was on an FBI “person of interest” list and was even interrogated twice. Nao combinam (doesn’t make sense).

This photo of the Pulse was posted on social media a year ago and looks Miami trendy. In 2014, it was named among USA Today’s Top 10 Orlando night clubs.


For some undetermined reason, this inviting motif was transformed into ugly Gothic black as seen today. It doesn’t even look like the same establishment. How did Pulse become such a dump?


One of the more curious photos appears at Daily Mail. It shows five good-size holes in walls and bullet holes entering from outside. It has a certain battle of Stalingrad quality to it. Officials are now stating that the holes were made by an armored vehicle and that Matteen was gunned down as he ran out from one. AV is heavy equipment ladies and gentleman. Somebody might take video of it rolling in? Anybody seen that video?


Was this old cop brought out of retirement and dressed up to pose and laugh in the background of a police news conference. WTF?

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