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Orlando Doctors: Fakes or Just Bullshit Artists Reading a Script?

A check into the backgrounds of the “Orlando doctors” who are treating the victims is in order. Are they just actors being brought in or real doctors reading from fraudulent scripts and narratives prepared by others? Curiously, Dr. Cheatham, discussed below, has only one google review, and that’s someone asking for whom he really works. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, as either way they are given free reign to spew forth lies and disinformation and without the slightest journalistic fact checking. Indeed, fact checking in today’s Orwellian world is left to YouTubers and obscure websites like TNN, which still gives a damn.

Case in point is this interview on “60 Minutes” in which Dr. Michael Cheatham (is the name some kind of sick humor?) at 0:33 categorically states, “Increasingly we are seeing casualties from high velocity military type weapons almost on a daily basis.” Let’s assume “almost daily” is about three per week. That would be 156 in a year. We will cut him even more slack on the “we” and presume he means Greater Orlando hospitals and not just his hospital. I think that is a reasonable assumption for this exercise.


The problem is that Dr. Cheatham is blowing your pipes and with a seemingly convincing bedside manner. This fraud comes across as someone you would want treating you in a life or death situation. But this snake is not who you think he is. The real facts are in the CDC data for the state of Florida, which shows on average about 30 long-gun homicides annually for the entire state.

Curiously, firearm assault hospitalizations for Orange County, Fla., are not online as far as I can tell. However there are a little more than a hundred hospitalization cases annually in Orange County, Calif., involving firearm assaults. And OC, Calif., has nearly three times the population of OC, Fla. The vast majority of those patients that physicians like Cheatham would see are from sidearms, not ARs.

Verdict: A lie beyond the pale, and no fact checking by the criminals at Zio-owned CBS. This is another fake script and exposing it is like shooting fish in a barrel.


This press conference with one of the survivors and the medical staff was held. After pitching for money, the doctors are seen with eyes downcast, and looking away. The marker of the liar is shown at right. These are well know liars being revealed or confronted. There is lots of face touching and covering in this clip along with the distinctively uncomfortable looks.

If I didn’t know any better, I might think a group of compromised individuals was shown their dossiers and then instructed to go on camera. Even the miraculously healed “shooting victim” after taking five bullets wants to go back under his slimy rock. None of these people wants to be there. But decide for yourself. Nothing to see here, move along?

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