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The Fire Rises: Closet Nationalists Turn Out in Droves for Brexit

Forms of British nationalism unite ‘left’ and ‘right’ and obscure opposing class interests. PHOTO: Redline/
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The phenomenon of the closet nationalists even exceeded TNN’s greatest expectations. We knew they were out there and said as much. Our base case on the Brexit vote was that the real vote would take Leave over the top but that it couldn’t overcome ballot-box tampering and rigging. With Leave at an impressive margin of 1.2 million votes, we can only imagine just how wide the victory would have really been in a totally clean election. Election fraud doesn’t work with wide margins. It’s calibrated for close votes to deliver perhaps a few hundred thousand — not a million plus– which was how Brexit was billed.

On the underground in London, a woman reads a newspaper instructing Brits to ‘vote remain’ in the BREXIT referendum. PHOTO: Reuters

Just about everybody has egg on their face. Even Nigel Farage allegedly told the Press Association last night that he thought Britain had voted to stay in the European Union based on “what I know from some of my friends in the financial markets who have done some big polling.” Apparently what those financial types didn’t account for are the closet nationalists, who frankly just didn’t cooperate with or trust the pollsters or those behind the polls. Those “financial types” are now facing large well-deserved losses as markets crumble worldwide.

What a beautiful thing the closet nationalist is and scary for the Cabal and power structure. It’s heartening that Leave voters were able to overcome the controlled media shaming, the fear mongering, Jo Cox skulduggery and ballot-box fraud. It’s heartening that being called a racist or a Nazi no longer has that much sting at least behind closed doors. Now what remains to be seen is whether the corrupt and arrogant system just ignores the will of the people. Also, more elections and faux democracy is forthcoming.

imagesThe Cabal will have to make an example of the Brits, who will now be severely spanked via their grip on the financial markets. Will the Crime Syndicate now demonstrate for all to see the true nature of faux democracy? We can only hope, because then the pitchforks will come out for real.

This is your liberation. Step forward and identify yourselves to the world. Experience the next era. The fire rises!

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