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Then and Now: The Truth About Debt Slavery, Private Central Banks

Hillary Clinton’s emails from adviser (((Sidney Blumenthal))) [see discussion of the echo ((( ))) meme] reveal motivations for France’s Sarkozy’s actions against Libya. Evidence indicates that when French intelligence became aware of the Libyan initiative to create a currency to compete with the western central banking system, the decision to subvert the plan through military means began, ultimately including the NATO alliance.

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Gaddafi builds the Great Man Made River tapping a huge aquifer. War criminals NATO and rebel forces seriously damage this project.

Libya under Qaddafi and issuance of debt free money.


At left, (((The New York Post))) sick headline after Qaddafi was sodomized and murdered by “Yankee fans”: RIP.

Bill Clinton looks like death warmed over. Would be perfect timing for Hillary if he would pass on to Hades. Hillary could then enshrine and pickle him like a modern day Eva Peron for the tards.  Might give her a desperate uptick in popularity. Hillary Clinton on her criminal operations.

Then- yet more suppressed and forbidden history to keep you in the dark: National Socialist Germany and issuance of debt-free labor-backed money results in miraculous economic recovery. See: Monetary Program under National Socialism.

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