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Gutjahr’s Daughter Thamina Was Hangin’ Out at Munich Mall, Too

Johnny on the Spot Richard “Exclusive” Gutjahr’s daughter is one Thamina Stoll, 22 years old. Stoll studies at Duke University and was summer interning in Munich. She also just so happened to be at the Munich Mall as a witness to the shooting there. No you can’t make this stuff up.

Stoll told her story to the Duke Chronicle.

Thamina Stoll: My grandma actually lives about two to three minutes away from the shopping center by foot. I was on my way back there from my internship. The local subway system is connected to the mall, so usually what people would do who live close to the mall is walk through the mall because it’s faster, so that’s what I did today. Then I came to my grandma’s apartment, met up with my family and decided to go back to the shopping mall to get a belated birthday gift for my younger cousin.

Nothing unusual, just a regular Friday afternoon. Then we returned to my grandma’s apartment, stayed there for about half an hour, met up with my mom who had just come home from work and then we decided to go again to the shopping mall because that’s our Friday afternoon ritual. We went downstairs and right outside my grandma’s house we ran into a family, and they were panicking, they were in shock, they were crying. They told us they had just run away from the shopping mall because they had heard gunshots both inside and outside the building.

We were shocked at first ourselves. Then we decided to go back upstairs, and we took in the family because they were shaking and everything. We gave them water and shelter. We went to my grandma’s balcony and from there I witnessed about 50 people running towards our neighborhood. I recorded the video from the balcony.

Blah, blah, blah, you can read this tale for yourself. Here is the money quote:


TS: Honestly, I just couldn’t believe it. Obviously, me and my friends and family have been talking about the terror attacks a lot lately, especially since my dad was actually in [Nice, France] when the terror attack happened there. He was one of the people who also happened to record video footage there, and he had almost died. The truck drove by less than 300 feet away from him.

The featured image at top of story is Gutjahr’s Snapchat avatar.

Five months ago, Thamina sent this Instagram out. Yes, that is Hillary Clinton and the intrepid reporter on the scene. The two look pretty friendly.


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