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Observations on the Nice Truck Attack

French authorities identified the driver of the truck as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel, a 31-year-old French-Tunisian delivery driver.

A day into an alleged terror event involving a large crowd and along a major thoroughfare and promenade in Nice, France, we should be seeing dozens of clear cell-phone videos and a clear footage from numerous CCTV cameras. Incidentally, it’s now one month into the Orlando Pulse attack and no CCTV footage has been forthcoming from that night. At Nice, we have no CCTV as yet and one clip that shows the truck approaching a crowd.

The truck is visible before it slips behind trees. What goes on then is anybody’s guess. Only the very top of the container can be seen and it does not appear to be moving that fast. The accounts say the truck moved at 40-50 kilometers per hour. After rampaging down the promenade for over a mile, 84 were alleged to been mowed down and killed and around a 100 more wounded.

A second video clip show what looks like dummies out of Beatlejuice central casting. These bodies are among the strangest I’ve seen in evaluating such events. They have no faces and no navels. Some look like animal carcasses. The video quality is poor, and I submit that no one owns such a camera any more, if they ever did. The viewer is given a very brief glimpse, and only enough to get an impression. The video is slowed down to give a better look.

The question also begs as to how a truck can mow down people across multiple lanes. A delivery truck going 30 mph is not going to toss people this distance. The casualties were strewn out over a considerable distance (over a mile) and the width of the promenade of perhaps 30 meters. Furthermore, after an initial hit that would surprise the first group of people at the beginning of this rampage, there should have been ample warning and opportunity to get out of way. With bystanders milling around, we see the casualties already in body bags — but where are the aid personnel?

Source of all photos is the Daily Mail.


Here we have the scene at another location. The bodies are strewn across the entire width of the promenade. And the person at the left couldn’t get out of the way? There is more covering of corpses and again spectators once again milling around. If a massive triage unit went through, did any of the bystanders take photos or footage of that operation? Haven’t seen it.


This photo looks like standard mocking from the Crime Syndicate. We are shown “a body” laying covered on road. The form has lost it’s rather large left shoe, which happens to be black. The non-matching right shoe is definitely not black and is another type all together. To me the small left foot looks like wax museum quality. Some how the form’s sock has come off.


The next photo shows what appears to be a woman laid out and covered. The chairs are untouched and there is no damage to the railing, quite the feat.


source: Daily Mail

The second photo below shows the truck stopped after a 1.2 mile rampage. In a shocking display of social Darwinism, we see about 15 or more bodies laid out. Apparently these people had their backs turned and were not able to get out of the way? The Crime Syndicate media’s narrative shown on the left alleges people were trapped by the railings, but any examination of the photos TNN provided shows it would take little effort to step over.

Super-truck is unfazed by a hit on a solid metal light-pole.


You can see the width of the truck. Compare this against the wide swath of once again covered bodies. You would think the truck was going 100 mph, not 30 mph. You would think those people had no warning and no clue about the danger. The whole scene is ludicrous and an insult to the intelligence of thinking people.


End of the line. Lots of damage but no visible blood on truck.


Bodies shown in the ever present blue coverings are just left out all night for a morning photo shoot.


The UK Daily Mail, aka Daily Fail version of the Nice attack is pure, unadulterated nonsense.



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