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Review of ‘White Terrorist’ Movie ‘Imperium’

Fortunately, Red Ice Radio has done a superb job of dispensing with the new movie “Imperium,” starring (((Daniel Radcliffe))) as an FBI agent who infiltrates a so called “white supremacist” group. The video of the radio show is at the bottom of this post.

As always TNN is committed to following the money and the identity of the players doing the storytelling. This story was written by Michael German, who is a fellow in “terrorism” at the Brennan Center for Justice. Wikipedia is kind enough to point out that the Brennan Center has a major donor, none other than (((George Soros))). What a coinkydink.



Throughout the early part of the movie, we are treated to the stereotypical and rather nonsensical image of unsympathetic skinheads and so-called “neo-Nazis” regurgitating vomit buckets of whatever boring propaganda the movie makers could extract out of the obscure bowels of the alt-right or nationalist movement.

There is liberal use of guilt by association propaganda as Confederate and Don’t Tread on Me liberty flags are spliced in with swastikas. It is all set to ominous dark music. This is almost an admission that the (((usual suspects))) are working from dated scripts and are trying hard to write the narrative to suit their purposes.

But then, completely out of the blue, the script flips and the viewer is introduced to a new, more modern character: the educated, charismatic and handsome family man Gerry Conway. No more hillbillies and prison inmates here. Conway is a lot like me, a Europa-phile and lover of western civilization. He says some of the same things. In this character build-up, the screen is filled with music, art and images that a normal person — and not just whites — should hold dear. Conway would like to preserve as much as possible of that in America. It is all presented to the brainwashed viewer as if this is some how bad, or leads to something even worse: “Nazism”, and then whatever slippery slope that is alleged to entail.

Conway’s deadliest sin is that he is Jew wise and liberally uses the term ZOG, or zionist occupied government. Frankly, only a brain dead person today would have their eyes wide shut to ZOG. If so, well, you have TNN’s archives to start reading.

Then, as I watch this Conway character develop and wonder where this is all going, we learn “out-of-the blue” and with no motive or sound reason that Conway is a terrorist and plotter who has the means (through the FBI) to build a dirty bomb. Further, after this gigantic leap from Brahms and clean living to dirty bomb, the audience is asked to believe the preposterous premise that he (and his co-conspirators) will target innocent Americans for the purpose of “forcing the ZOG to show it’s hand,” whatever that means. Really? That’s all ya got? That is supposed to work or make sense? How absurd. How asinine.

In subsequent interviews with the director, (((Daniel Ragussis))), a revelation is made that points to one thing: they are worried about the intellectual backbone of the movement, the PhDs, etc. That would be the Kevin McDonaldsE. Michael Jones‘ and Michael Hoffmans, et al. Ragussis suggests they “have to be dealt with.”


The script written for Radcliffe is that the young people sitting without work in their parent’s basements and who feel they are casualties of the corrupt, evil ZOG system “need to be shown some understanding,” “should see the movie,” and get counseling (aka be medicated and told lies). The movie ends with a de-Nazified youth giving his confessional (set to emotional music) before an enraptured class room. I think we get the idea.

Verdict on Imperium: A prima facie example of one of the easiest and stupidest movies to peel back the (((propaganda veil))) of any that has come down the pike in quite a while.

Update: Hope you caught this great review because You Tube has taken it down worldwide:


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