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Faux Media Run Headlines That Fail to Corroborate Berlin Dash-Cam Video

Thinking people might assume that in the two and a half days since the Berlin “Christmas market attack” some videos might emerge of the fateful scene, but about all we have is the incredible “grande finale footage” and a newly released dash-cam video that should bring the whole preposterous story down (see below). It only requires a couple minutes to examine, and then compare it to the narrative. Judging from the overall response to the topic, zombified consumers are too busy with holiday shopping to bother.

Oh, and naturally we are spoon fed the standard fare that the “terrorist” left his ID in the cab of the truck. How convenient.

A regular and thoughtful commentator on our posts, “Brabantian,” brought to our attention a dilemma and serious issue: “Washingon’s Blog recently had a piece assembling survey data from USA, showing just how difficult is the uphill battle for truthers – and why an article’s title is the most important part.”

Key findings:

  • About 60 % of people read news headlines and nothing else
  • Only about 14% of (USA) people, or one in seven, fully read four news articles in a month, whether “mainstream” or “alternative,” which somehow qualifies them as “active news customers” (!)

This practice of extreme laziness opens the way for Crime Syndicate scams, which is now being illustrated for you in spades.

So rather than tell you what this fresh dash-cam video shows, we would prefer that you see the brief video and decide for yourself. The good news is that the video is very brief, less than a minute.

Now, compare what you just saw with your own eyes to the following headlines the Crime Syndicate (CS) runs to sell this video. Incidentally, the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters are at the top of the CS media pyramid. Their storyline is widely disseminated to the mockingbird media. Not to pick on Business Insider alone, but did they confirm that the video was accurately described in the headline they chose to run? Or are they just as lazy as their readers? Does the sleight-of-hand video show this surreal truck “plowing into” anything?

Reuters headline:

Daily Express headline:

Irish Independent headline:

Business Insider headline:

Daily Mirror:

The headline list could go on and on, as this tale was widely repeated throughout the whole lugenpresse complex. The New Nationalist is admittedly very discouraged with this nonsense given how weak and poor the script was at Berlin.

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