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#J20 Diffuse, Disrupt Gladio Operations Plotted for DC Friday

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Veritas Project has gone underground and exposed with relative ease plots and schemes by funded diffuse-and-disrupt (Gladio D&D) organizers to blitz Washington, D.C. during and after Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. The notion that protests will be peaceful is a pipe dream. Job ads have appeared in 20 major newspapers offering agitators $2,500 per month to “fight Trump.” Also, don’t just assume that the anti-Trump factions are the only ones being funded. How did Trump supporters in the video below afford and organize such a demonstration?

The following Veritas videos show antifas (“anti-fascists”) planning to put chains across metro lines, as well as securing and barricading bridges at river crossings in central Washington, D.C. At 10:00, the antifas have a conversation about encounters with “Nazis” and suggest throat punching as a martial arts technique.

Important Telltale Signs To Look For

As we watch events unfold, an important tale will be revealed on just how fifth-column infiltrated law enforcement and intelligence are in D.C. If so, then these antifas plots will be largely successful. We are probably just seeing the tip of the iceberg with the Veritas videos. Will DHS, FBI and police take the necessary measures to counter #J20 disruptions, such as chains being drawn across Metro lines, or will such blockades and barricades be “allowed” to proceed and result in a city shutdown.

What happens with the factional crowd encounters? What happens with agent provocateurs? And what happens after dusk? Weather will be in the low 50s through the weekend.

The Trump loyalists will not be taking over in their positions in the DHS, FBI, National Guard at 12:01 p.m. on Jan. 20. They will have little influence with the D.C. police.

In addition, because of the adversarial nature of the transition, Trump’s people may not get reliable intelligence on the plots and end up in the dark. The leadership of the CIA is presented as adversarial. It almost looks scripted. Is it actually a set up? The power transition could also be sabotaged and delayed.

Tells: If Trump is real, he will immediately release the 650,000 Huma emails being stonewalled by the FBI’s Andrew McCabe. [See more in comments below.]

What support does Trump have in the top echelons of the security apparatus? And if he has support, what are the chances they are white hats? Slim would be my SWAG. The theory that Trump is on the inside (the set-up theory) of a topple cannot be ruled out either.

One of the biggest tells will be some combination of the Obamas and the Clintons showing up at the #J20 swearing-in ceremony wearing purple. We saw this in Clinton’s appearance after the election. Watch for others in the audience wearing purple as well. The use of the color purple would be like throwing red meat at a color revolution.

And who can forget George H.W. Bush’s Mafia-style throat-cut gesture at the Houston primary debate? Yes, H.W. knows people. Reports indicate George W. will attend #J20, and his attire and demeanor will be interesting to note.

In the George Webb videos, the concept of “topple” was discussed. Ninety percent of an OTPOR (named after takedown of Yugoslavia’s Milošević) was disrupt. But 10% involved much more lethal and serious Maidan-type tactics used in Kiev, such as professional sniper attacks and chaos. If that happened during #J20 and afterward, then we have a whole new ballgame.

The personnel files for three classified U.S. Gladio manpower programs (PDD-62) were destroyed and are missing from the National Archives. There is also an undetermined amount of money floating around.

Webb points out that thousands of stinger missiles and canisters of sarin gas are unaccounted for from Libya and may have fallen into the hands of Clinton private armies. Most likely, this would be supplied to hardcore Mexican groups like LaRaza (political arm of Sinaloa crime cartel) to be used as the point of the spear in a lethal Gladio D&D operation. This would also be outside of D.C., perhaps centered in America’s third-world-like sanctuary cities, and could also involve Mexico. Curious indeed that a multitude of bikers are leaving their home communities to show up in D.C. These are the people HRC categorizes as “deplorables.”

If aircraft start coming down from stinger attacks, the whole economy would freeze up. Emergency security and martial law measures would be put in place and the U.S. would be in police-state lock down. This would include a shutdown of “fake news” Internet sources and complete Orwellian media controls. This could happen rapidly.

Key takeaway: The psychopathic Crime Syndicate makes money on all sides of a shit storm. My son and I made the following Youtube video on the psychopathic takeover in 2014, when I was starting to connect the dots. I just watched it again, and it’s very, very timely.

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