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By Design, Humpty Trumpty is Falling Off of His Wall

The New Nationalist’s (TNN) theory all along has been that Trump is a faux president and stalking horse who has been installed to bring down what’s left of the U.S. system and economy in much the same manner as the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. When Trump is removed from office sometime in 2017, the looters he let in will remain in place to do more Parasite Guild dirty business.

This latest false-flag skullduggery in Syria really hasn’t fooled that many. TNN is hardly cutting edge on this. Yes, we are well within the Overton Window here. We just hope the window is expanding enough to cover the other staged deceptions, such as fake Muslim demonization. Alas, we fear something horrific is pending on that front.

Even so, it’s easy to see that Trump’s dwindling supporters aren’t buying the latest skullduggery. All you have to do is look at comments from #MAGA types on Twitter and “alt-right” websites. They are very discouraged and increasingly disturbed. At least this indicates that although people may be fooled by false cartoon-world “God-Emperors,” at heart they may (?) support peace, not aggressive war. Many were sucked in by Trumpian deceptions as they thought he would be pursuing less-interventionist and less-war-like policies.

Instead, Trump has allowed his government to be occupied by con-artist zionists and neocon warmongers. His approval before the Syrian chemical attack skullduggery was in the low 30s handle, and certainly a 20s handle is at hand. TNN would now remind readers that the kosher controlled alt-media is almost at the same fraud levels as mainstream media.

Yesterday, the FOMC minutes were released. The bankster mucky mucks threw out more serious problems for the so-called “markets”: 1) “some” members felt the “markets” were in bubble mode; and 2) there is call for the Fed to begin reducing their humungous $4.5 trillion portfolio of inflated, mispriced securities “this year.” Incidentially Fed hack, (((Jeffrey Lacker))) is resigning in disgrace after admitting to tipping off cronies, affording Trump the opportunity to appoint yet another Goldman Sachs approved parasite guildist of some strip. For the chosenite Lacker apparently no criminal charges will be brought.

Yes, Humpty Dumpty built a great wall, etc, etc. When this wall crumbles, our Ides of March predictions will be played out. In fact, this is quickly accelerating.

In addition, the “markets” put great hope into Trump’s infrastructure program. Instead, that was reduced and gutted. Now comes word that the Trumpian tax plan is also dead on arrival, as is repeal of Obamacare. Obviously, Trump never did get a honeymoon and inherited a bankrupt country to begin with. Now, fall-guy Trumpty has almost no political capital left. There are reports, which TNN submits are deliberately planted, that Trumpians are feuding and fighting within his so-called administration. He will be replaced by his vice-president, an installed stooge with no redeeming qualities.

Since the U.S. has been reduced to Hegalian dialectic name and epithet calling over less important issues, TNN is wondering what the post-Humpty Dumpty market crash and civil war will look like. Will there be an “American spring” color revolution funded by the usual suspects? Yes, likely. And what of the missing Libyan stinger missiles? Are they floating around the U.S. in sanctuary cities and in the hands of true terrorists?

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