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Spanish Pension Loot Is THE Mechanism for Bankster Bailouts

On a personal level, the complete looting of Spanish pensions by the Crime Syndicate bothers and saddens me a lot. Of all the people I have know in Europe, Spaniards are among the nicest and most friendly.

When the corrupto Rajoy administration and its Parasite Guild backers took power in 2011, Spain’s social security fund had a surplus of more than €65 billion. The government looted tens of billions of euros, bailing out Spain’s bankrupt savings banks and their creditors and filled holes in the deficit. Now we learn that the Spanish government has confessed that by the end of 2017 the surplus will have become a deficit of around €2.6 billion.

There is that little issue The New Nationalist (TNN) keeps addressing about creditor bail outs. There is no sound reason at all for it. This is the reason Trump brought in his Goldman Sachs (((swamp-dweller cronies))) — in part to loot pensions and Social Security and send the elderly to the plantations, mark my words.

The idea that Spain’s youngest workers will be able to support the country’s swelling ranks of pensioners is risible. Spain’s youth unemployment rate is over 40%. Yet, somehow this generation of unemployed, underemployed, badly paid or “ni-nis” (stay-at-home-kids) are now expected to maintain over eight million pensioners, who are living longer than ever and are used to earning an average state pension of €906 a month. No combinam.

Then there is a Catalonia separatist movement afoot with strong regional support. The regional parliament in August will consider putting separation to a referendum. If passes, the terms of the vote would allow for independence “within 48 hours,” if the referendum is in favor. Without Catalonia, Spain would be bankrupt. Spain would be unable to continue servicing its debt, which currently represents 100% of GDP. That, of course, includes the contribution of Catalonia, which represents 16% of Spain’s population and 19% of the economy.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international organization, says there is only one bank in Spain that is officially too big to fail and that’s Banco Santander, which is held together via duct tape.

Meanwhile, enabled by the ECB’s massive bond-purchase program and cheap usurious money, Spain’s public debt is more bloated than at any point since 1912. This begs the question: When Spain, Portugal and Italy near default, does the Rothschild-backed ECB take the hit on its portfolio?

The unspoken, hidden solution (let the banksters take the losses) to this dead-end usury is shown in this article. Unfortunately, Spain — and Italy for that matter — cannot stand alone to do it without being destroyed.

Let’s consider the dominant Jewish financier view on usury and debt. In the following passage, Jewish historian Leon Poliakov provides insight as to why debt is not forgiven and why the foreclosure and debt-slave model is applied.

“Without money, Jewry was inevitably doomed to extinction. Thus, the rabbis henceforth viewed financial oppressions, for example, the moratorium on repayment of debts to Jews … as on a par with massacres and expulsions, seeing in them a divine curse, a merited punishment from on high.” 

Could the U.S. lead the stand against looting by usury on behalf of the world’s debt slaves? It would definitely involve a massive transfer of wealth away from the usurious 1%, who own 50% of global wealth.

The video below illustrates the make up of the 1% in the U.S. Oops, looks like Trump’s government.

Incidentally, while you weren’t looking, someone decided that referring to the 1% be given the epithet of “antisemitic.” That’s because 43% of the U.S. Jewish community is in the 0.1%. It’s like another Shoah.

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