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Google to Fix ‘Anti-Semitic Bug,’ Which Claims That ‘Jews Control Hollywood’

  • Google admitted it has been alerted to the highly offensive results
  • It said it is working to fix the problem as quickly as possible 
  • The fault was caused by Google’s own algorithms which rank web pages
  • Unfortunately, one of the higher ranked pages had offensive content  

By Darren Boyle | 4 September 2017

DAILY MAIL — Google is working to fix an anti-semitic bug which automatically suggests ‘the Jews’ when the internet search engine is asked: ‘Who runs Hollywood?’

The baffling answer is returned due to Google’s complicated algorithms which return a particular page on what it deems to be the most relevant to a person’s question.

However, occasionally, the search engine can return embarrassing or potentially offensive results.

A Google spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘This has been flagged to us, we are working to get it removed as quickly as possible.’ […]

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