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Similarities Between Charleston ‘Storm Roof’ Agenda and Mandalay Bay Deceptions

After all the skullduggery and outlandish storytelling concerning the ghosts Stephen Paddock and Jesus Campos, readers should take heed that this is nothing new. We’ve seen this rodeo before.

Peruse these Google images and tell me whether you see a single photo of anything indicating a real crime in Charleston at all, let alone one of the said magnitude. After all this time, all you really see is an emotional spectacle.

Next, let’s play a game called “What are the Odds?” First of all, the deceivers must have had a good laugh with the name of the “gunman,” Dylann Storm Roof. Seriously? Does Dylann with a southern drawl sound like da lyin’ (“the lying” in plain English)?

“Storm Roof” was quoted as saying, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.” So who exactly has to go and where? A pastor and a group of elderly and middle-age black church ladies at a prayer service? Seriously?

What are the odds that even the most vicious white racist on the planet would go out in a blaze of glory with this set of victims and in a church. What do they have to do with rape and take overs? On a scale of one to Mandalay Bay, Dylann Storm Roof is a Mandalay.

And what of the “Storm Roof’s” presentation? This is right out of Stereotyping 101. First we get a little twist, as it seems “Storm Roof” is somehow tuned into the Rhodesian apartheid badge-collection scene, which he is seen wearing in a “sober pose.” It looks like something right out of a Dave “Chappelle Show” white-power skit. Maybe the script writers thought a swastika or a Hitler Youth pin would have been too in your face, so they used something a bit more subtle. Come on deceivers, is this all you got?

That’s right, they knew all about “Storm Roof” and his badge collection days before the shooting. But never fear, the hoaxsters go into their tool kit to pull out the stereotypical Confederate flag ploy (license tab). At right is “Storm Roof” in green glasses looking a bit crazy or comical, take your pick. I choose comical.

“Storm Roof’s” Facebook page had 79 friends, about a third of whom were black. Did “Storm” wake up Tuesday and down some spiked coffee ala Sirhan Sirhan, then turn into a serious racist killer with a special hatred of little old black ladies and churchgoers, as opposed to a mere badge collector with lots of black Facebook friends? Yes, like Paddock — all a big mystery.

Next, the media criminals decide suddenly to outdo themselves and attack poor downtrodden millennials in a Washington Post opinion piece called “Charleston, Dylann Roof and the Racism of Millennials.” This one reeks of Hillary re-education “fun camps.” Then came “Dylann Roof is America,”a ridiculous narrative by an in-house race-baiter for liberal think tank Altnet. “To pretend to be surprised is to be compliant,” it claims.

So let me see if I got all this straight: A young morose-looking white guy named “Storm Roof” goes into a prayer service, accuses the devout of being involved in the raping of white women and shoots old church ladies and pastors? And we shouldn’t “pretend to be surprised” about this? Really? I think your rag of a publication is what’s compliant, and criminally so. Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.

And what are the odds that other organized games continue on from there? Turns out Hillary “Fun Camp” Clinton was just a half mile away during the shooting, attending a fundraiser.

And you won’t believe it, but it just so happens that neocon ZOG Sen. Lindsay Graham’s niece Emily chimed in to say that she “went to school” with “Storm Roof.” The little script she recited: “He was quiet, strange, very unsocial and everyone thought he was on drugs.”

We’ve never heard much out of Storm Roof’s own mouth. Eventually, his arrest interview was released. We analyzed it and it, too, on a scale of one to Mandalay Bay is a Mandalay.

By sheer coincidence, the campaign against Confederate symbology went ballistic after this staged deception. The fraud Storm Roof all but single-handedly killed the Confederate flag.

11 Comments on Similarities Between Charleston ‘Storm Roof’ Agenda and Mandalay Bay Deceptions

  1. The theme of this type of article, brings to mind how difficult it is psychologically for most people to enter the ‘truth’ realm, without a co-ordinate sense of ‘action’ as to how acknowledging the truth can concretely benefit their lives … and not put them at risk. The ‘path of least resistance’ for most people, is to avoid looking at disturbing ‘truth’ both because (1) we can’t do anything about it, and (2) discussing or even acknowledging such ‘truth’ feels ‘dangerous’ to one’s conventional life.

    On the Ron Unz website, Anatoly Karlin has a sobering article on alt-media statistics for both left and right ‘alt’ sites. Essentially, mainstream media is two orders of magnitude, often 100-to-1 in popularity, with even very successful alt-media fighting its way to only perhaps 25 to 1 by comparison. A few million in monthly views – as the Daily Stormer remarkably achieved before being censor-slammed in August – versus hundreds of millions for major media goon sites. Unz itself is one of the top in the non-leftist sites.

    An exception of course is the ‘limited hang out’ sites such as Alex Jones, which end up somewhere in the middle, tens of millions of views, putting truth or partial truth side-by-side with ‘aliens from outer space controlling us’ or similar stories, to ‘poison the well’ of the truth component, sabotaging the ‘truth’ for a wider audience.

    A curious fact is that some of the ‘limited hang out’ sites (tho not Alex Jones), such as Jeff Rense and Veterans Today, go quite over the top in criticising Jewish mafias and Israel (who are said to be working with outer space aliens LOL) … and yet the kosher internet police do not attempt to ‘de-platform’ or shut down these sites with their ample advertising income streams … it seems that the ‘Khazarian Mafia backed by space aliens’ theme, by serving to discredit the ‘anti-Semite alt media’, so well serves certain interests, that the kosher internet police leave them to continue.

    On Veterans Today and also the Russia-tied ‘New Eastern Outlook’ Phil Butler warns us (from the horse’s mouth?) that we are about to experience a much more comprehensive cyber-purge than we saw recently, with more sweeping Anglo-Western censorship of the web shortly to be implemented.

    • The real ur-foundation of hoaxes in the West, are I think the nuclear weapons hoax, which TNN has been covering, and the impossible-to-walk-back ‘moon landings’ hoax. These set the stage for the 9-11 NYC towers scam and everything else.

      So one bit I found chilling, is the recent US-Russian announcement that they plan to build a ‘space station orbiting the moon’ in the middle of the next decade. Sadly, Russia goes along with the biggest fairy tales put out by the US regime, such as the NYC Twin Towers collapse of 11 Sep 2001, and the hilariously fake ‘9 trips to the moon with 6 moon landings’ claimed for 1968-72, with no one ever going back to even orbit the place since then, plus things like the ‘Edward Snowden’ fraud & hoax.

      For me, this piece of ‘news’ about the shortly upcoming ‘US-Russia manned moon orbit station’ means that all the major world governments will be in cahoots to keep that huge ‘moon hoax’ going … and since, to do that, a sort of fascist control of world media will need to be in place … I see the mid-2020s ‘moon base alpha’ timetable, to be our notice that the New World Order is expected to be consolidated by then … in the NWO gulag, we can all reminisce about the good ol’ internet days.

      • Though I’m not qualified to evaluate ‘science’, real scientists privately tell me they know there were no ‘moon landings’, & have shared with me doubts about the ‘space station’ as well. Looking a bit for the videos of ‘International Space Station’ construction, one finds some bits of ‘Dealey Plaza’ video (great TNN term there), but most prominently … cartoons and CGI … and one finds things like this … apparently leading later female ‘astroNots’ at the ‘International Fake Station’ to have short hair (click photo to enlarge)

        • What secret technology would have been used by NASA to make fake evidence of the Apollo missions?

      • It’s tempting to extrapolate from present trends and succumb to fatalism, but the closer the final denouement, the stronger and more explicit the reactionary forces are destined to be. This is just another swing (broader, granted) of the historical Jerusalem-Athens pendulum.

    • Your assumption that page-view statistics are truthful seems to me to be totally unwarranted. They lie about EVERYTHING.
      A case in point would be a Youtube video concerning the misbehavior of a local government official here in SLO county. Seven years ago, shortly after this video was posted to Youtube, it went viral with 3.5 million views. Two months ago this very same video, the one posted seven years ago, had 65,000 views. Today, the very same video?
      379 total views!

  2. As I recall, media was kept well away from the scene due to a “bomb scare” but there was an open casket funeral for the reverend – a touch of realism not often observed…
    And the senator’s niece went to school with this piece of white trash?! – That I had not heard before – but she is very likely correct – “everyone” should think “he was on drugs” (cf James Holmes)
    Still, the aftermaths of Charleston and LasVegas seem hugely different – a month of an excessively maudlin racial morality play vs memory hole – Obama singing in what was no doubt described as “stentorian tones” at the reverend’s funeral vs …well – how much “coverage” for those victims ?
    No, something else was going on in LasVegas… multiple death squads active under the guise of a concert shoot up? … open warfare between factions of the CS? … then the very different hit on the Weinsteins … … whatever it was, they don’t want to talk about it … whereas, they couldn’t stop after Charleston. Charleston was planned and executed very carefully – LasVegas at some level was “real” in a way that Charleston was not.

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