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Prediction of Fake-Leftist Boogeyman Event Comes To Pass in Texas

IMAGE: The New Nationalist/Screen Shot/Q&A News/Youtube

In Saturday morning’s podcast with John Friend, I stated flat out that the Crime Syndicate will toggle and mix perp narratives in staged events. If you never listen to another word I say, at least give me the pulpit for the clip between minute 24:10 and 25:00. I suggested that after the staged deception against the “right wing” in Charlottesville, there would come one with a Godless Anti-Fa/SJW perp or a black Dylann Storm Roof. I said the same in my Saturday article.

Given the magical-thinking acceptance of staged deceptions by the masses, could we see another Charlottesville type of hoax? If so, TNN suspects this one might be directed at Anti-Fa, leftists or a black version of a Dylan Storm Roof boogeyman. This toggling back and forth gets just about all observers lathered up. It’s essential agitprop toward taking down the whole nation.

Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas, this could very well have played out. Literally out of left field, a no-motive boogeyman targeted God-fearing white Christians in a church. The casualty count again is quite high at 27 dead and 26 wounded.

If I just let my emotions and my political beliefs and interests rule, I would be tempted to just skip over the truth on this one. That’s because the “victims” look exactly like my father’s Texas relatives and family of God-fearing Baptists of Scots-Irish ancestry. (OMG! These are MY folk!) Emotionally, I want to go along with the Crime Syndicate narrative at Sutherland Springs rather than dissect the truth. Sorry, but I can’t. The truth can’t be convenient just because this feels too close to home.

Additionally, the persona of Devin Kelley for the The New Nationalist (TNN) reader represents the worst sort of untermensch imaginable. He’s described as a fan of despicable CNN, a Social Justice Warrior type and an atheist. The Daily Mail (aka The Daily Fail) found former classmates who describe him as an “outcast,” “creepy” and “weird.” Another said he talked about how “people who believe in God were stupid.” Naturally, for added effect, Kelley is alleged to have had not one but two court martials for abusing his wife and child.

As usual, this will have to be dissected in stages over days, but this is my initial observation.

The photos at left are alleged to be from Kelley’s Facebook page, which has since been “taken down.” It’s right out of Stagecraft Agit-Prop 101 handbook, replete with a crazy-looking Batman personification.

We suspect that these “shooters” are created using computerized graphics and fake personas. Notice this guy doesn’t even have ears. How is it that someone living in Central Texas can look like he hasn’t been out in the sun his entire life? Even a pale-skin person living in the South would have a little wind burn or redness to their face. What person would post such dead-eyed, soulless photos of himself on Facebook? Per the usual script, his social media displayed an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon. This stagecraft is for effect and is mockery.

A second photo of Kelley doesn’t even look like the same guy. We see the same toggling between an oval-face shape and a round shape as seen with Jesus Campos in Vegas.

  • Exactly as in other events another individual other than Kelley was initially being broadcast as the shooter.
  • The count of 27 dead was offered up by an anonymous Wilson County Commissioner very early on. How could he possibly know that quickly?
  • The Daily Mail goes on to report that six Medevac helicopters were brought in to handle the mass casualties and trauma. Yet, the following footage shows only one “person” taken to a chopper. It’s an otherwise-quiet scene not indicating a mass-casualty event involving 53.

None of the helicopter flyovers show that kind of activity on the ground either. CNN and other mainstream media are running the same loops of little activity on the ground over and over, as seen in the next video clip. San Antonio is only 35 miles away, so news helicopters have the ability to arrive overhead with 10 to 15 minutes.

The next money video is from an individual who identifies herself as “Erica.” She is standing in front of the church. At minute 2:35, she says she’s posting to “Facebook Live.” It’s less contrived than lugenpresse content and is important evidence. What she says and the timeline is revealing and most curious.

She said at minute 1:22 that she is filming this about an hour after the incident. At 1:37, she said had “been on the scene for about 10 minutes” and “had seen nobody come out.” TNN observation: Did everybody walk to church that morning, because the whole front parking area is government vehicles.

At 1:55, one hour in, Wilson County Sheriff just arrives on scene.

At 1:18, she says two airvac helicopters had just landed. TNN observation: After an hour from San Antonio 35 miles away? These helicopters typically fly at 120 mph.

At 2:10 (and similarly at 0:55), she says, “Neighbors never saw victims come out.” TNN observation: No wounded removed after an hour? Really?

At 2:15 she says a neighbor said, “A man in full gear went into the church and unloaded several rounds and took off in a vehicle.”

At 2:35, she’s kicked off the scene.

At 3:00 from another location, we see no big rush and no clear signs of casualties. Mostly, it’s people milling around.

At 4:55, a yellow Medevac can be seen in the background.

At 6:00, “somebody” is finally brought out on a stretcher to a Medevac ‘copter. The rest are separate news clips.

TNN can only analyze what’s offered online. At our time of posting at 8 a.m. EST, it doesn’t even remotely show a mass casualty event. At this point, our verdict is that this event is highly suspicious. We will follow and update as necessary.

Update at 11:15 a.m. EST: Increasingly, the narrative is mental illness and atheism. We will see if a big charity drive is also an aspect. Of course, the real goal is divide and conquer and traumatizing the population.

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