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Even a Teenager Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Create Fake Celebrity Porn: What are the Implications

IMAGE: Tech Week

The Next Web (TNW) this week published a revealing and disturbing story about a precocious teenager that produces celebrity porn using artificial intelligence and computer graphic images. And it’s not just any porn. So far the 14-year-old creator has produced videos of Gal Gadot (now deleted), Maisie Williams, Taylor Swift, Aubrey Plaza, Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson.

The process is described succinctly in the TNW article:

With help from a face swap algorithm of his own creation, Reddit user “deepfakes” tapped easily accessible materials and open-source code that anyone with a working knowledge of machine learning could use to create serviceable fakes.

After training the algorithm — mostly with YouTube clips and results from Google Images — the AI goes to work arranging the pieces on the fly to create a convincing video with the preferred likeness. That could be a celebrity, co-worker, or some random person you found on Instagram. Since the algorithm is mostly an amalgamation of widely available parts like TensorFlow and Keras, it doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure out how to glue together the pieces.

AI researcher Alex Champandard told Motherboard that any decent consumer-grade graphics card could produce these effects in hours. For the cash-strapped, a CPU would work, but it’ll take a few days.

If a teenager can create fake porn using AI, then it’s not a stretch that the Crime Syndicate has at its disposal more advanced technology that could be used to create other fake events.

In my second podcast with John Friend, the question of crisis actors came up concerning the terror and mad-shooter and driver “events.” A listener had challenged John about the implausibility of using such actors on a large scale. I answered that they don’t. They use grainy concealed-looking computer graphic images (CGI or AI). Actors are used for interviews and enhancement. Just a conspiracy theory? That’s right, laugh it up, suckers. The exchange can be heard from minute 6:00 to 8:08 here.

We have yet another example of surreal grainy images in the latest NYC bomb incident. This is supposed to be one, Akayed Ullah, the “ISIS inspired” bomber. Where on earth is such a odd, contrived looking photo even produced in 2017?

And imagine the savings on traditional brownstone operations. People can now easily be compromised using fake AI. If a 14-year-old on a cheap AI budget can replicate Gal Gadot having sex with her stepbrother, then just imagine what a high budget Crime Syndicate can create. Just about anything — and they do. Anybody can be framed.

I also have a hypothesis that there are two variables that play into the effectiveness of this AI image fakery on the audience. I saw this with my 30-something son (who has an awareness of false flags) and his wife, who were looking at some of the hoax videos. I was seeing what I thought was artificial intelligence CGI. Something about it just didn’t quite square right with me. But they couldn’t see it.

I believe the following footage of people escaping the Bataclan in Paris is an example of CGI. Enlarge the screen- it is surreal. It plays with your perception. Something is off — the ghostly figures, including the individuals hanging from windows – and the sounds. These are not crisis actors. Part of the larger objective is to wire observers to accept this nonsense as real.

The second video is the Jerusalem “truck attack”.

Beyond using critical thinking and being open minded, I attribute this to how our brains are hardwired in development. State of the art AI technology is just about a decade old. Other mind altering cocktails can be delivered in food and water. Over time, it will impact younger generations more and more. Thus as the older population, who are not as wired to this dies off, the planet is facing a twilight zone fantasy hive-mind existence.

The second variable is exposure to the media. I watch very little of the mind poison coming out of Hollywood. But looking at trailers, it seems surreal and other worldly to my older brain. I can’t even begin to imagine how wired children today are to this trickery. They have few reference points for what’s real or fake. Plus the fakery is getting better and better. This is no small matter.

TNN takeaway: Welcome to the Brave New World of Altered Reality.

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