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Did Bibi Committ Yet Another of His Brain Farts?


Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu is well known for Freudian slips. He can barely restrain himself. The latest came over the weekend when he made a remark about the Iranian airliner with 66 on board being shot down.

The devil doth appear. Yo Lucifer, you are supposed to use the words to conjure beforehand and never speaketh them again. Your Kabbalah is broken, dude.

With Bibi in trouble with kingpin Sheldon Adelson over his scheming and plotting (shocked, I tell ya), a look at another one of his plots is in order. On Sept.13, 2001 — just two days after the events of 9/11 — Benjamin Netanyahu went on NBC News and stated [at 1:40 in the following video], “It wasn’t a nuclear bomb, it was a 350-ton conventional bomb.”

For those who claim he is referring 1993 WTC, that was a 1,336-pound (606-kg) urea nitratehydrogen gas-enhanced device. So only off by over 349 tonnes.

For those who claim he is simply sloppy and is calling metal aircraft conventional bombs, a 767 at takeoff is 450,000 lbs., or 225 tonnes. This would have been reduced to well under 200 tonnes after flying to New York, so he would be off by over 150 tonnes.

Perhaps one could conclude that Bibi is a mental gymnast with three-dimensional chess-playing skills and has combined with precision the remaining weight loads of two metal aircraft in flight and taken the additional liberty of calling it a “conventional bomb” — not two bombs, but one. Regardless, that would be way over the heads of 99% of the viewers of this brain fart.

World Trade Center Explosion in Slow Motion: What do you see? Did a “plane” and office fire cause this? Judging from the visual evidence perhaps Bibi’s 350 ton explosive claim is about right?

This is almost as bad as (((Larry “Pull It” Silverstein’s))) blowing it on WTC 7.

A new nationwide survey of 1,024 people conducted by online polling firm YouGov asked respondents to view the following video of WTC Building 7’s fall on 9/11 from four different angles. The results: 55% of those surveyed suspect it was caused by a controlled demolition, compared to only 21% who suspect it was caused by ordinary fires.

Forty-nine percent are more inclined to believe that only explosives can account for Building 7’s collapse. Just half that number (24%) are more inclined to believe the government’s conclusion that fires are to blame. Sadly, 27% don’t have enough confidence in their own perception to make a judgement. Still, this is good progress for the sane and truthful.

Big psychopathic reveal and slip up? Or just weird slippery snakes saying strange things? What do you really know, Bibi? He won’t tell us, so you decide.

Meanwhile, just one hour after the 9/11 event, Bibi’s side kick convicted criminal Ehud Barak is on BBC with all the mental-gymnast answers, including a recommendation to immediately deploy in a massive campaign against “sources of terror,” including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran.

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