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Bibi to Shinzo Abe: Put This Foot In Your Big Mouth, Prime Minister of Japan!

PHOTO: Segemoshe/Instagram

By Rollie Quaid | 8 May 2018

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — Prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was served a cold dish that he will never forget. Abe was given a message by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the Japanese head of state needs to be just another bootlicker, like Israel’s obedient shoe-licking poodle Donald Trump. Abe was sent a shoe for dessert, which is the ultimate insult in Japanese culture, because in Japan it’s taboo is to wear or bring a shoe to the dinner table or place of eating.

Chicago Tribune reported that Abe was given “a selection of delectable chocolate pralines – artistically arranged inside a shiny leather shoe.”

Bibi sent the message in front of Abe’s wife Akie Abe and also Sara Netanyahu. RT said, “Abe and his wife dined with Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu on May 2, during Abe’s second official visit to Israel. The meal was prepared by Israeli celebrity chef Segev Moshe.” […]

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