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Starbucks: No Standards + Hypertolerance = Barbarians at the Gates

Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrate against Starbucks from inside a Center City Starbucks in Philadelphia in April 2018. PHOTO: Mark Makela/Reuters

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Thursday announced his decision to allow the baristas’ restrooms to be open public toilets and its retail space free meeting halls for non-paying customers and ne’er-do-wells. The basis for this, as he put it:

So, in other words, basic decorum and manners your mama should have taught you is now thrown out the window. Those with bad manners and lowlife behavior will be treated the same as paying customers with good manners.

While Schultz was at it, the Jewish billionaire (net worth $3 billion) out of the blue said “the world” is “questioning the moral leadership of America” and urged the public to reject nationalism. In other words, he is espousing societal hyper-tolerance, whereby thug life barbarians are let in to the country at large.

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In today’s Brave New World, barbarians are encouraged to display and engage in entitled, bratty behaviors, such as using others without any consideration. Then, if you have a word with these ‘tards, somebody shows up with a bullhorn and disturbs your peace. And if you are a manager who’s attempting to defend a retail space, you will be fired.

There are now so many of these in-your-face, Luciferian, do-as-thou-wilt types running amok that there will be a chilling effect and a crowding out. Polite decent people will quietly avoid the free-for-alls. The will to deal with this threat will melt away. Whatever cache SBUX still retains as a public space will be diminished as standards as loosened.

Advisory: The perfect restroom plan for TNNers.

Bay Area Rail Transit (BART) in California’s Bay Area demonstrated in spades what happens when nobody faces thug-life barbarians head on. Public spaces turn into drug-shooting galleries. The public discerns a none-dare-enter-here environment and stays away. An enormous infrastructure investment is negatively impacted because the lowest-common-denominator double-bind propaganda trained managers don’t want to offend barbarians. It doesn’t take a vivid imagination to see this scene replicated just about everywhere. Your future is here.

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