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Senate Candidate Patrick Little Hates the Jews. Here’s Why That Matters.

Editor’s Note: We listened to this interview as Little recorded it. The Jewish reporter uses the standard inflammatory tagging and labeling, and uses terms and tries to query about topics he demonstrates little knowledge of. Little gives him a good assortment of hidden history and truth bombs that the article doesn’t do justice to. Nevertheless Gloster quotes Little correctly and does not take words out of context. Unfortunately Little did make the flippant remark about vacationing in Auschwitz, which of course found it’s way into the article.

Also see TNN’s article Putting the Word ‘Hate’ into Proper Context

By Rob Gloster | 10 May 2018

THE JEWISH NEWS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA — Patrick Little is more than an hour into an anti-Jewish tirade that doubles as the centerpiece of his campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein when he issues a blunt warning.

“The longer the Jews try to hold onto power in a country where the public’s waking up to them … the harsher the reprisal is,” the Albany resident and former Marine told J. this week. “It’s Jewish behavior that gets people angry at Jews. What you call anti-Semitism is caused by Jewish behavior.”

Little, 33, calls himself a white nationalist. He rejects the labels of white supremacist and neo-Nazi, saying the latter would just play right into the hands of the Jewish media. During the interview, he rattles off some familiar anti-Semitic tropes: that the Holocaust is a hoax, that Israel played a major role in the 9/11 terrorist bombings, that Jews controlled the African slave trade before the Civil War, that “Jews kill Christians — they do it a lot historically.”

He adds a few more contemporary charges, such as that President Donald Trump is being held hostage by Jews and that media organizations including Fox News are mouthpieces for Israel. He says one of his major goals as a senator from California would be to reroute all U.S. aid now going to Israel to Hezbollah, and make it a crime — punishable by the death penalty — if any politician ever suggests aid be restored to Israel. […]

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