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Cosby Accusers are Frauds Proven by Staged Grief and Fake Crying in Sentencing Trial

2 May 2018

NODISINFO — Watch this video which proves that the women who ‘testified’ against Bill Cosby are absolute frauds. This is proven via the fact that they were not grieving to any degree. Nor were they in horror and shock. Nor were they saddened. Nor were they tearful. Instead, these fraudsters feigned grief through staging and hoaxing.

See the first hoaxer, Therese Serignese, here, as she does a “thumbs-up” sign, looking over to another agent of this fraud, while holding her tissue. He is attempting to draw another hoaxer over for the photo-shoot. This is clearly a signal, which is beyond dispute. If she was an actual victim as attested, why would she have to do this? […]

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