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Nature of the Threat to Whites: Black Gangsta Hip Hop and Rap

Christian humanism is a toxic philosophy among whites.  It’s not quite the same as the insufferable cultural Marxist-based social justice warriors (SJW) in that it’s based more upon religion. Rather, the view effectively gives great “tolerance” and “understanding” to groups and races who have been oppressed or can take a victimhood stance.

In place of a political theology capable of distinguishing between friend and enemy, Christian humanism advocates unilateral moral disarmament. The position of The New Nationalist (TNN) is different in that it holds that political and social action demands prudent distinctions between the interests of our community and their community. This also extends to the white community’s friends and allies versus its enemies.

The ideal of prudent distinction should insist that the white community be humanist enough to walk in the black community’s shoes and at least try to be empathetic and to consider their points of view. It must also hold out an olive branch of redemption to all peoples. However, the line is crossed and the gloves come off when the other communities engage in hostile, malevolent strategy and tactics that harm the white community.

The black community — and, in particular, its youth — largely convey their worldview through hip-hop and rap music. Given that this is their chosen method to communicate, it behooves the white community to examine it. R&B and hip hop make up about 14 percent of record sales in the U.S. However, its reach is even greater given that it is frequently illegally downloaded.

The move to (((corporate recording studios))) encouraged rappers “to collapse their recording selves and their actual selves.” The “art form” is to imbue performances with authenticity. Performers boast about “keeping it real.” They rap about gangstas and hustlers, pimps and hoes, guns and violence, they say, only because crime, violence and prison loom so large in the life of disadvantaged black youth.

As such, the white community must carefully examine the spirit and mentality with which rappers convey this lifestyle. If the music was sad, sorrowful and introspective, then empathy is highly appropriate. But it’s not really even “woe is me.” In fact, unfortunately, upon closer examination, much of the gangsta hip-hop/rap music genre actually seems to rejoice and relish in a sick, twisted, sadomasochistic self-destructive world of violence, degeneracy and evil.

To be fair, there is some hip hop or rap that is lite or neutral. There is even some — dance tropical, for example — that I personally like, or at least tolerate. Whites don’t need to be purists and hard asses about such music. There is plenty of excellent “world genre” music out there to enjoy. But there is also a lot that is openly hostile toward whites, especially in this weaponized, gangsta hip-hop and rap genre.

Here are some sample lyrics from a ditty called “Nature of the Threat” by Ras Kass. I selected this one because the lyrics can mostly be understood in audio form as Kass has fair speech diction. This will give you some of the most bizarre, asinine and confused history of the white race you will ever encounter. Sadly, this is about as close as many black ghetto youths get to a history lesson. One lyric, however, catches a glimmer of the reality:

Now since people of color are genetically dominant
And Caucasoids are genetically recessive
And Whites expect to be predominant, meaning survive as a race then
They simply must, take precautions
That’s why they’re worried about their future now
Cause by 2050, almost all the Earth’s population
Will be brown
Then black, so understandin’ that, whites counter-react
*(Man I’m saying, the fools ain’t nothing but a teaspoon of milk in a world coloured with joy)*
So they created a system
To force blacks into an unnatural position
That re-enforces the position of natural inferiority

The “Nature of the Threat” Youtube video is still up and flourishing with 410,000 views and a 20-to-1 up-votes to down-votes ratio. A collection of other popular anti-white hip hop can be gleaned here. Know your enemy. This genre is often performed in hard-to-understand, ebonicized English, but the lyrics can be looked up online.

Nature of the Threat

Unless blacks themselves are prepared to strongly disavow and censure this music within their own communities, then the white community has no choice but to consider those (including useful-idiot whites) listening to it and supporting it as being heavily propagandized and influenced into being a hostile element to the life and security of white people. It leaves whites no other choice but to circle their wagons.

There are some blacks who see the downside and negativity going on in their own communities. But instead of owning up, they, too, blame the music on “whitey.”

TNN’s takeaway to the black community and the nature of the real threat: Man up and disavow.

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