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South African President Confirms: ‘We’ll Take White Land without Compensation’ as 90% of Black Farmers Fail

Crosses are planted on a hillside at the White Cross Monument, each one marking a white farmer who has been killed on farms. PHOTO: Khan/AFP

19 May 2018

THE NEW OBSERVER — South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has “assured ANC volunteers” that his ruling African National Congress (ANC) is going to seize white land without any compensation, confirming an earlier commitment he made in that country’s parliament—even though it has now been admitted that 90 percent of all black-seized farms have failed and lie fallow.

Speaking in the town of Tembisa, east of Johannesburg on Friday, Ramaphosa told an enthusiastic crowd of blacks that that “We are going to take land and when we take land we are going to take it without compensation.”

“We are going to do it in the interest of our people because our people want land for housing, they want land so that they can live, they want land so that they can use it as an economic resource.” […]

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