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The Insane White Untermensch Question 

It’s just a matter of time before The New Nationalist (TNN) makes it onto some contrived list of “haters.” For all we know, it already is. Bring it on. Accordingly, TNN wishes to make it very clear exactly what and who it is it hates. But first, it’s vital  to use language correctly and not some NLP-concocted version. This is how we use the word “hate.” We consider it an essential element of humanity’s preservation.

The Case for Hate

“They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.” — Edmund Burke

“We do urge hate: If you love something, that love requires you to hate anything that threatens its survival.” — Matthew Hale

“Achilles glared at him and answered, ‘Fool, prate not to me about covenants. There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out an through. Therefore, there can be no understanding between you and me, nor may there be any covenants between us, till one or other shall fall.” — Homer, The Iliad

“Feeding milk and bananas to a serpent only makes its venom more potent.” — Chanakya Pandita, Raja niti sastra, expeller of Alexander the Great

“A time to tear apart and a time to sew together; a time to be silent and a time to speak. A time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.” — Ecclesiastes 7

I present for your consideration two videos: one of “counter-protesters” taking down and vandalizing a Confederate soldier statue in Durham. Yes, TNN, hates all these untermensch cretins with a passion. But, curiously, notice that most of them are white. Therefore, our hate is not based on race or ethnicity but rather behaviors and merit.

A second example is a classroom in which a humongous anti-white black-untermensch instructor goes off with an insane stream of vile agitprop. Again, look at the lemmings in the audience. Yes, some here may wish to pretend these are Jews, but unfortunately we know better. They are whites, not blacks. Inquiring minds would like to know: Who hired this hideous cretin, Ashleigh Shakelford? Was taxpayer money spent? The video is being pulled down, but it’s available for right now [below] from minute 1:05 to 3:34.

To be clear, TNN is sanity-nationalist, not “white nationalist” nor “white supremacist.” Sanity nationalists are wide awake about anti-white slurs and inversions and won’t stand for it. We hate the insane. We hate untermensch. We love ubermensch. Sanity nationalists are pro-white in the sense of being uplifting and protective — but untermensch whites are excluded.

At this stage, there are many whites in America who are hardly supreme or high culture. In fact, they need to be caged off and segregated into their own Ghost Ship satanic hell away from the sane. There, they can conduct crocodile-tear charity scams while their world burns down around them.

In fact if there is white privilege it is in the form of being bought off by the DoD, DoJ, DHS corrupto system. Jews are the biggest beneficary, but so are whites, who are the soldiers, minions and errand boys of the military-industrial police state and warmongering racket.

If you notice who is most involved in the staged deceptions, it ain’t blacks or people of color. The 5th Column underworld whites involved in this skulduggery are far from making the sanity cut at this point. Yes, there is also a brood of insane black and Jewish enemies and untermensch as discussed in our XXXTentacion post, but what to do with the “Insane White Question”? This untermensch will be the enemy for several generations to come. For some, there may be longer-term hope in re-education, but the prognosis is grim.

Meanwhile more whites are dying in the United States than being born. Whites who are not untermensch need help and allies. Find them among the ubermensch of all races and creeds.

In closing, I offer you a black man who can make my Sanity Nationalists Team cut, anytime, anyplace. TNN welcomes with open arms the great black comedian Terrence Williams as an ubermensch sanity nationalist brother. This rant is perfect, and he never used the F-word once. Bravo!

And a change of pace and respite from the demonic untermensch black rapper X, a moment for the talented black cellist Cremaine Booker out of Dallas. He gives a superb rendition of the great European composer Hans Zimmer’s “Time.”

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