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Demoralize, Destabilize Until a Crisis Finally Arrives

Of late, there has been increased online banter about second American Civil War. It has been said that it takes about 50 years to demoralize a strong, powerful country. For the U.S., that’s three generations, starting with the Kennedy assassination in 1963. It takes five to 10 years to destabilize a country, and I would mark the 2008 financial blowup and administration of Cloward-Pivan practitioner Obama as that period. This has been followed by open-border impacts in Europe and America. Then it takes a six-week crisis to finally push a country off a cliff. That’s the job of the Red Queen Donald Trump. Is this the cutting edge and dam break of the Trump crisis?

See: “Federal prosecutors get access to over 1M Cohen raid materials

Most of this has been self-inflicted, but the U.S. now has enemies to help give it a big shove off that cliff — namely Russia, and China in particular. The key influential think tank on the U.S. takedown is Russian. Russia tends to reveal its goals openly. China is also on board, though playing its cards closer to the vest. They are constantly and deliberately on the move.

A key component of this Russia-China strategy is to reveal the criminogenic nature of the U.S. deep state and financial cabal apparatus. That has increasingly become an easy task because the cabal that runs the U.S. is in full-court loot mode. Although Americans are brainwashed and mind controlled about this, the rest of the planet is less so. And once the six-week crisis hits, comatose attitudes in the U.S. will flip.

The question remains: Who is going to stand with the U.S on the dollar? Saudi Arabia and their oil? Europe, which needs and receives energy from Russia? African nations that have been ignored (while China has courted them)? South American countries that have had the screws put to them by Wall Street for over 50 years?

The Saudi petrodollar arrangement is now front and center. The Saudis are already quietly trading in petro-yuan as are others. But now suddenly the Yuan is being attacked.

Russia’s policy, and I think China’s policy, can be gleaned from Sergey Glazyev, the key economic aide of Vladimir Putin. He published an article outlining a plan for “undermining the economic strength of the U.S.” Glazyev believes that the only way to make the U.S. give up its plans of continuing a new cold war is to crash the dollar system and expose the rot inside. I don’t think Russia would go so public with this, if they didn’t have their ducks already lined up. And, yes, Trump does have Russian ties, especially to its (((oligarph))) apparatus.

Glazyev specifically targets the central scheme of the U.S. war machine: the Fed’s printing press. Putin’s adviser proposes the creation of a “broad anti-dollar alliance” of countries willing and able to drop the dollar from international trade. Glazyev advocates treating positions in dollar-denominated instruments like junk securities requiring full collateral.

As far as Russia, China and others’ world view, Alexander Dugin, the man known as “Putin’s Brain,” describes the U.S.-led New World Order as the “Kingdom of the Antichrist.” He makes statements such as the following: “If you are in favor of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy.”

In particular, Dugin has a tremendous distaste for the cultural “colonialism” of the United States. He believes that U.S. meddling in world affairs is the cause of a great deal of what is wrong in our world today. He says, “The USA is a chimerical, anti-organic, transplanted culture which does not have sacral state traditions and cultural soil, but, nevertheless, tries to force upon the other continents its anti-ethnic, anti-traditional [and] ‘babylonic’ model.”

One recent survey discovered that anti-American sentiment in Russia was not even this strong during the days of the Cold War.

This counter-offensive is in full swing now, almost on a daily basis. Not helping the U.S. deep state is that some of its psychopathic masters are willing to pull the plug for personal gain, as I have discussed in my various “reveal” posts. These psychopaths have no national loyalty. It is just business for them.

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