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Weinstein’s ‘Django,’ ‘Hateful 8’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ A Wake-Up Call For Whites

Hollywood movie maker and large political donor Harvey Weinstein was in the news cycle over his long-rumored casting-couch sexual depravity. As a result of scandals, he is being tossed overboard by Democrats. Trump joined the pile on by stating, “He was not surprised about the Harvey Weinstein allegations.” As of all this unfolds, we now learn Harvey’s brother Bob has succeeded in ousting him from his business, The Weinstein Company. The company in turn went bankrupt.

But here at The New Nationalist (TNN), we are less concerned with the Cain and Abel mogul infighting and Hollywierd escapades. We are far more concerned with the cultural contributions of these brothers, their associates and ilk. And with or without fallen-from-grace Harvey, The Weinstein Company’s film industry “products” will continue. For example, the company released a miniseries called “Waco” in January that further demonized and trashed whites as fringe nuts and portrays oppressive government and police state tactics as heroic. Little wonder that brainwashed zombies like Sarah Jeong and her defenders are given promenient soap boxes and have been unleashed on the world.

Concerning the over-the-top racism in movies and programs against white people, and in particular white men, I finally had my full awakening in 2012. I hit the wall when I attended and walked out on a sickening winner of two Academy Awards, The Weinstein Company’s “Django Unchained,” directed by Quentin Terantino. I think it was this line from the “hero,” Django, that did it for me: “Kill white people and get paid for it? What’s not to like?” Here’s lead actor Jamie Foxx promoting the movie.

What would be the clamor if the white people in this litney were substituted with another race or group? This is NOT an acceptable double standard; no, not in the least. It is open warfare.

Another horrific film from Weinstein/Terantino is appropriately named “The Hateful 8.” Grammy, Emmy and Oscar nominated as well, it was reportedly meant to be the post-Civil War sequel to “Django,” with Samuel L. Jackson playing an anti-hero Yankee major.

I couldn’t stomach watching, but TNN’s Torchy Blane saw it and mentioned one of the most obscene moments in the film. This was when Jackson tells a Confederate general how he made the general’s son suck his big black dick before killing him. Jackson throws out cute lines throughout, piling on white guilt about “racism.” Then, all the white guys turn out to be criminal gang members, etc., etc., etc. Boycott!

No treatment of this subject would be complete without a look at “Inglorious Basterds,” yet another Academy Awards “winner” that was essentially a violent porn-fest against white European men with accents (aka Nazis). Indeed, director Eli Roth in interviews called it “Jewish porn.”

Jewish movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is quoted as saying, “Jews must go after the anti-semites.” But I would counter that what he really is doing is creating “anti-Semites” to “go after.” I for one am not the least bit impressed with “award winning” Semite “Jew porn” movies. In fact, I’m hostile toward them. Are any decent Jews speaking out against this evil? Please inform me if so, because with the couple Academy Awards presented to this “film,” I must have missed that litmus test.

As for “Basterds,” I watched only parts because, as with “Django,” I was not able to stomach it — evil, a pure evil film. Here’s a scene where one of the goons named “Jew Bear” brutally and gleefully murders unarmed captured German soldiers in cold blood.

After finally waking up to the forces behind this “entertainment,” I also noticed that so-called “comedy” was no longer really funny because it has become more locked into pre-adolescent sexual development. I should at least thank The Weinstein Company, Roth and their posse for going so far over the top as to evoke a wake-up call. If anything deserve a boycott, it is this brand.

I have watched only one Hollywood movie in the last four years, and that was out of desperation for air conditioning during a heat wave. That movie was “San Andreas.” The same insults to whites flowed in this one as well. One of the main white male characters acted cowardly during the disaster. There was a scene just inserted completely out of context with the sole purpose of showing all-white, skinhead, hillbilly types looting a mall during the disaster. If you watch the death scenes during the earthquake and tsunami scenes the casualties are 100% white.

Of the visible death scenes in San Andreas, see any non-whites?

Red Ice has an excellent in-depth broadcast on this warfare.

These evil travesties should be down-voted and criticized on social media and fully boycotted by all decent people. There is NO way children should be subjected to it. Here is a trailer for another piece of garbage where “an evil white man” and his dog are hunting down Mexican illegals in the desert. Again, pure evil and unadulterated trash. Wake up to it.

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