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UCLA Makes Students Pay Classmates to Promote ‘Social Justice’

University of Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. PHOTO: Michael Gordon

By Toni Airaksinsen | 3 August 2018

  • UCLA is paying 18 students $13/hour to combat “social injustices” and “privilege and oppression” on campus, shelling out up to $42,000 per year for the program.
  • The “Diversity Peer Leaders” program is funded through the school’s mandatory “Student Services Fee,” to which each student contributes $1,128 every academic year.

CAMPUS REFORM — The University of California-Los Angeles has hired 18 students at $13 per hour to combat “social injustices” and “privilege and oppression” following a semester-long recruitment campaign.

Hosted by the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program, the Diversity Peer Leaders project is a year-long internship during which students facilitate workshops on social justice issues in exchange for leadership training and compensation from UCLA.

“The cost of the program alone could have gone to multiple scholarships, and potentially given a disadvantaged student a full ride through college.” […]

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