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Was the Sea-Tac Baggage Handler’s Aerobatics Show a Giant Staged-Deception PsyOp?

‘I’m just going to do a barrel roll and point her face down and call it a night.’ — Rich Russell

Richard Russell was a ramper/baggage “ground service agent,” according to his own YouTube account and last video (see below) that highlights all of the exotic and interesting places he was able to travel to on his “low-wage” salary of which he complained about during his surreal flight in a stolen Horizon Air plane.

But after his role-playing in this black-magic performance, we imagine Rich did get a very nice payoff.

The 29-year-old United Airlines baggage handler somehow managed to roll a 76-passenger Q400 turboprop out of a maintenance hanger and take off from Seattle’s busy international airport (Sea-Tac). The following video from KING News channel provides the narrative on how he did it.

We are supposed to believe that this baggage handler had the authority to tow planes. How that one parlays into cockpit access is the question.

William Waldock, a professor of safety science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, said he would be interested to hear what flying experience the ramp worker had because operating the plane would have required some knowledge, especially when it comes to undoing several locks and brakes, and starting the engines.

During Russell’s flight, he remained in contact with Sea-Tac’s air-traffic control tower. Torchy, who’s had a little private-pilot flight training, questioned how Russell would have even known the unique transponder code he would have had to squawk to communicate with the Sea-Tac tower.

The New Nationalist (TNN) applies the trivium method to such events. It involves answering the who, what, where, when and how questions before addressing the question of why. In this case, however, we will go ahead and answer why question before dissecting the event further, because it’s so patently obvious.

TPTB (the powers that be) are pimping mental-health based pre-crime narratives that involve limiting the freedoms of citizens who exhibit behavior considered outside the box of acceptable norms. This type of agenda has to be sold to the public.

Potential threats from so-called “crazy people” via trauma-based brainwashing rallies public support for dispensing with due-process protections in the name of “public safety” and “public interest.” This involves ramping up citizen surveillance and intense “background checks” before granting someone gainful employment. People who get too far out of the TPTB criminals’ acceptable box can be insitutionalized, drugged, etc.

Russell set the stage in partial recordings of conversations with air traffic controllers. He said he was sorry to disappoint his loved ones and calmly stated that he was a “broken guy” who’s “got a few screws loose, I guess. Never really knew it until now.”

Once airborne, the joke-cracking Russell told ground control, “I don’t need much help; I play video games.” But as you listen further to the insane exchange (see next), it becomes obvious that he was out of his element. Still, TNN waited 36 hours to run our take on this event. We anticipated there could be revelations that low-wage Russell not only could afford exotic trips but also pilot training. Alas, not. There’s no evidence that he has ever flown a plane.

While flying uneventfully over Puget Sound for 80 minutes, Russell pulled off a one-for-the-ages aerobatic-flying stunt. It’s not just that he performed a barrel roll or loop in the passenger plane. Watch him accelerate the aircraft out of the dive into a near-vertical climb while performing a hard 45-degree bank turn.

A long-time professional pilot told The Daily Beast, “He had considerable flying skill, he wasn’t just a mechanic.” (not correct, he was baggage service)

Eyewitnesses recorded Russell’s aerobatic maneuvers, for which the passenger plane was not designed to make. Such maneuvers, if performed without skill, could have resulted in the heavy airplane breaking up in the air.

“Both his loop and his roll seemed pretty well executed,” said a pilot, “without either stalling or pulling the wings off.”

Crash Site

This whole ruse was conducted at dusk Friday, with the “crash” occurring at 9:30 p.m. Accordingly, there were many witnesses who describe low-flying aircraft overhead, including a military jet in pursuit.

From minute 02:10 to 03:00 in the video below, listen to an eyewitness from the Steilacoom ferry dock (see map below), which is near the “crash site” of Ketron Island.” Listen carefully at min. 02:48 as she says, “We saw him clear over that island over there where he crashed, and we thought he flew further so they could practice more. Then all of a sudden, we hear this huge boom, and a mushroom and fire happened.” This is a classic instance of someone not reconciling her own eyes, experience and senses of what, where and when with the false narrative she is brainwashed to accept.

Although Russell was flying over Puget Sound and said repeatedly that he didn’t want anybody hurt, he crashed on lightly populated Ketron Island instead of the Sound. He had already demonstrated skill as a pilot. After all those aerobatics, why not attempt a water landing or if suicide was his goal- a header there?

News helicopters flew over the “crash site” as daylight broke Saturday morning. Am I the only one on the planet who ignores the narrative of known liars and applies the trivium method: who, what, where, when? What are we seeing here? Where are the wings and fuselage? I see a small burn area and the scattering of small pieces of debris over a very confined area. Very little fire damage to the highly flammable Douglas firs, especially this time of year when the area is tinder dry. This is the crash site of a large plane?

TNN Takeway: Some looking over the crash scene think the Horizon craft was shot down. However, notice that Ketron Island is just off shore from the massive McCord-Lewis joint military base. Under the cloak of darkness, the Q400 could have quickly skirted ashore at the base.

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